CEO Message

“We recognise the valuable contributions made by members of the travel and tourism community in Bangladesh through the good offices of the PATA Chapter. We value the continued support of Chapter officers and members in Bangladesh and we are always impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by Chapter members when discussing and promoting the country’s many fascinating tourist attractions. Indeed, we were privileged to stage the 2016 PATA New Tourism Frontiers Forum in the historic town of Cox’s Bazar. We look forward to enhancing our very strong relationship with the PATA Chapter in Bangladesh in the years to come and we thank you all for your continued commitment to the PATA mission of sustainable tourism development”

Dr. Mario Hardy, Chief Executive Officer – PATA

* PATA Chapters are established to assist in the fulfillment of the objectives of the Association. Their grassroots activism is critical in creating a responsible and sustainable travel and tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. The Chapters also support the Association by providing local insights, opinions and intelligence on issues that impact upon travel and tourism. PATA fully understands and appreciates that Chapter members devote their time and effort voluntarily to support the Association’s values.

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